Via the API add content to a cell, but not overwrite contents

Hello- I have a HTTP call that posts values in a column/ item each time it runs. Right now it is just a text name. So it comes in as John Doe, the next time the call runs I want to add “Patty Roe”. So the cell would contain “John Doe, Patti Roe”. Is there anyway to do this with out getting the current contents of the cell, then when adding to the cell include the current contents plus the new?

Secondly, if I change the column from a text to a people column can I ADD people there?

Thank you!

There is not a way to append/prepend data, you have to get the existing data, manipulate it as necessary, and write the new final value.

Even with people columns you have to read back the existing IDs and write the new array of all IDs. See this thread for a feature request I made to add the ability to add/remove values from a set to avoid race conditions. New mutations: add/remove_to/from_column_value

Thanks for the replay. I’ll add to the feature request because this could be really good!

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