View dashboard - specific view of table


It would be good to be able to set in a dashboard a specific view of the table it is linked too.

I explaine :
Normally the dashboard is linked to the main board.
However, I do so conditional formating in the board I use, so the user can have a better visibility (colors, sorts, column etc). I even set this view (the conditional formating) as a default view.

But since there is no way (to my knowledge) to link a dashboard to a specific view of the board(s) I use, all the conditional formating I do is for nothing.

The objectif is that the users won’t even need to go to the board, but work directly from the dashboard… but I want them to view even in the dashboard, the view of the board it is linked too with the conditional formating.

Would be great if this option would be possible in the futur.