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It would be great to have a description as well as a title for a view. The display for the title is too short to add specific information about the logic of the query. Having a description would allow you to describe the intention of the view and additional specific instructions.


That’s an interesting idea! At the time, only the Main Table offers a description field which acts as a general board description. Perhaps you could add a Description text field to your app in order to help users specify a use case for your solution? Would that be a worthwhile solution for you?


Hi Alex

Thanks for the suggestion I’ll certainly give it some thought. Just to expand on my idea is that I have a number of different people that need to look at the same items but with different filters and also different columns. So it would be good to be able to add description to the view as to why I chose those columns and those filters so I can track who and what the views are for. I think I’ll be ending up with at least 25 different views to start with :smiley:

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Oh wow, thank you for elaborating! 25 Views does sound like quite a bit to work with, but I do think that adding a description field would be your best shot in this case to allow everyone to clarify the purposes of their views.

I’ll keep this open as a feature suggestion so that other developers could chime in if they have a similar need :slight_smile: Thanks for helping us improve!


Bringing back to life this thread. Having by default a description aside from the title should be something too common. The workaround of having an additional description field would have been nice as long as it provided rich text support which it doesn’t. We gave it a try and it was completely dismissed, specially when we need to quote or enter block of code.

@AlexSavchuk wouldn’t it be possible to have an item detail by default across all cards? Or alternatively add the ability to enter rich text on long fields