Collapse Board Description

I’ve searched through many topics here regarding the use of the Board Description area that is immediately under the Board Title. However, I can’t see anywhere that the following issue is mentioned. If this is a duplicate, I apologise.

We have a number of boards that include some extensive text descriptions. Some of these descriptions are truncated and display the “Read More” button. The “Read More” button works well for these instances.

However, could we please have a corresponding “Collapse” button so that we don’t have to browse to another board and back again just to regain some screen real estate?

Thank you.

Yeah I agree and I think the board description needs some love and attention In general…
It feels a bit left out with all the fancy functionality around it and the board description being greyed out and collapsed, but nevertheless it has the number one spot on the board.
Maybe a WYSIWYG or elements like buttons to link to files or others boards etc. This way the description can show and contain information about the board.

I totally agree @Eltjo.

It seems that the functionality behind the board description could be improved significantly with couple of small tweaks. There are plenty of threads in this Community about incorporating some HTML (or similar) markup, and in particular about controlling the text colour. All of which I find equally frustrating.

In this instance, it would just be great to have a “Collapse” button to complement the “Read More” button. To me, it seems like the implementation was only ever half done.