Heading/project overview area for boards

I would love to be able to add documents, instructions or additional information in an organised way to the top of a board. For example, my project might have 1 specification document that goes across the whole thing, so rather than having this linked in a pulse (which then could create duplication) just have the spec document sitting in the top board description area.

Alternatively, the ability to have just the top group with a different set of columns to the other groups - then you could have a high level group at the top with dates, files etc without introducing unecessary columns to the rest of the groups.


There are a couple of similar feature requests regarding the tops of the boards (Description area etc), posted months ago in these forums, which are awaiting some love from Monday.com.

Feel free to add your vote.

Yes, thank you! I knew it was something I had seen before, but my searches yesterday didn’t bring up any exactly like I wanted. Thanks for linking!