Webhook from Make to Monday

Hi all,

I have a Make scenario, where a webhook will be triggered by Monday.

I keep getting an error saying “Failed to communicate with URL provided.” when I try to connect this through Monday.

I want to use this webhook with 3 boards, and don’t want 3 different scenarios so the “Watch Events” won’t work for me. Can anyone help with why this isn’t working?

Thanks everyone!

Hello there @shaunafitzgoo,

This message is shown when the connection can be done with the provided URL for the webhook to be connected to.

You can find the documentation about webhooks here.

This can be caused by a few different reasons:

  1. The URL is not returning the challenge as explained in the documentation
  2. The URL has a typo
  3. The URL is in a server that is not running

In this case I believe you are using a Make.com webhook URL. If that is the case, then the most likely scenario would be the first one (the challenge not being returned as expected).

I recommend checking that on your Make.com platform (or with Make.com’s support team if necessary).

Let us know how that goes!




If you are still having trouble, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to use “Watch Events”. You can definitely call the same webhook from multiple boards.

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