Website on iPad has menu blocked by App Bar Suggestion

When I try to use on my iPad, there is a bar across the top of the webpage that continuously shows suggesting to open the App. I feel most situations like this have an “x” available to clear the notification. The bar keeps me from closing windows that open like the discussion or files window.

Hey Douglas,

Thanks for your patience on this one.

I’ve chatted with our team internally who confirmed that this is a bit of a tricky one… Essentially, iOS recognises that the URL in the web browser is supported by the native app, i.e the native app knows how to open this link. Whenever it happens, iOS will display this banner. At this stage, we are unable to change this behaviour, however the team are aware of the inconvenience. We apologise for the inconvenience :pray:

Hmmmm, I know that many apps do this but usually there is an “x” to remove the banner or they scroll out of the way. See attached photo & video examples:

(Attachment RPReplay_Final1708434625.mp4 is missing)