What is the best way to handle approvals of requests?


We are a non-profit and we are just beginning to roll out Monday. I am looking for the easiest way to achieve the following.

As a foundation, we provide financial assistance to MI based families fighting cancer. A family applies for assistance (I am currently setting them up as an item in a “2021 Grant Applicants” group) once the grant team member has ensured all the documentation is there, today (not in Monday) they send an email to the board (11 people) for approval. Each board member approves or denies the request - so 11 unique approvers.

Is there any way to send the email from Monday (we use Gmail) and then collect the approve/deny votes from multiple approvers? Ideally it will also store the individual replies on the record.


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  1. You can set up the board as a Team, and then send a notification automatically to that Team when you mark a status as “Ready for Approval”.

  2. You could give each board member a Status column for their vote (Approve, Deny, Not Voted as the default). Then use column permissions to set each column that only that board member can make changes to it. You would have an immediate visual of the vote.

There are many other ways to handle (2) above like subitems, but I like the simplicity of using the approval status columns.

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Thank you! Would that require each board member to have a license and/or to actually go to Monday?

Some of our board members are errrrrr a bit non-technical, to say it nicely :slight_smile: they will never log into the app itself, so I need them to be able to vote by either clicking a button in the email or replying to the email with the word approved or denied.

Hi @AngelsOfHope - Hmmm, yes it would require them to go to monday․com to register their vote. We can certainly help you create a workflow that collects the votes outside of monday․com and brings them in. If you would like to brainstorm together on some of your options, you can book a time here: Book Polished Geek: more with monday.com

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