What is the link icon next to a column name mean?

Hey guys, I am new to Monday.com, was just exploring the platform. For one of my groups in a board, I have a column name, “Assigned By”, where I plan on having a person who has assigned that task.

During setting up the board, I received a popup stating something like I could connect various columns to one another, and now I am unable to access that option. I didn’t go through it very well.

Moreover, now I have a link icon next to the “Assigned By” column.

You can view it here: Assigned By

I would really appreciate if someone could tell me what this feature is, and what is the relevance of the link icon, and how I can make changes regarding it.



This signifies that the column is “attached” to a date column that has been designated as a Deadline.

Date columns can be set to deadline mode:

When doing so, a status column and optionally a person column is pared with the date. Once this has been done, the date, status and person (if included) columns will all now have the paperclip icon added.

If you go to the dropdown menu of a date column that is in deadline mode, you can remove the deadline mode and re-add to make changes.

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