Ability to put a date in deadline mode to a mirrored status

Hello !

I’m kind of new in the world of Monday, but while trying to set up a workflow I’ve run into the same issue a few times. I’m aware the mirror feature is a very heavy one, after reading on the community here and there, and I’m unsure if this has been suggested before, but my research came back empty.

Regardless, here:

  • The possibility of adding a date in deadline mode associated with a mirrored status column.

The fact is, we’re a publishing house, so every project has a lot of subtasks with a lot of different people working on it. All those tasks are created from the mainboard (with information, dates, and the like) to another board of ‘Tasks’. As things are at the moment without this function, I am forced to break the mirror link of the status to associate a date with it (and therefore make it show up in ‘My week’), which in turn force employee to go on the mainboard to change the status there as well. It’s not very efficient, and I can see, from miles ahead, that somebody will forget it one day ;).

And thus, that’d be a sweet addition I believe!