Mirror Coloumns

So my company is in Home Health Care and we are using Monday during many aspects of of intake to approval of the program we work with. We work with Mirror coloumns alot so if something changes it follows through the system. However I would love to see if a status is mirrored and it dependency could then a change the status on another board. For example a client gets approved for the program. I can change on my board approved and whereever this is mirrored it will trigger the automation for other boards. Other wise I am changing this throughout every board.

Hi @AmberAlys - at the moment you would need to utilize a second column to manage the local status change and connect it to your dependency column.

So basically, you would duplicate the mirror column as a local status column with the same options. Then use the following automation as it supports mirrored status columns:


ie: When mirrored status column changes to Done change Local status column to Done.

Hope this helps!