Using a status change to trigger a change in a mirror column

Can any one advise on a app/intergration that can do the below. I was using Autoboost but for some reason it won’t see my mirror column on some of my boards.

When Status changes to Something, copy status to Mirror Column

the autoboost automation looked like this.

thanks Annabel

Hi There!

If you are looking to do out of the box, you will have to think in reverse from what you had previously which is easily applied.

  1. Add a two directional connect board column with the other board connected to it.
  2. Ensure that it is a one to one relationship with these as it cannot handle multile connected boards in one column.
  3. Add on the source board this recipe.

This will allow the other board to dictate the status via the mirrored column on the receiving board.

If you need help configuring just let us know!

Mike B
Automation Architect