What's the solution to working with monday forms in offline locations?

I hate it that my team are using paper versions of forms to collect data and keying it in when back in the office. But they are often working in areas without internet access. Opening a form when online and filling it in offline, then hoping all the data will still be there to submit once back online is risky and unreliable. What’s the right way to manage this?

Hey Joanna!

Could you perhaps download the form as a PDF and have them fill it out on their phones/computers within the PDF? Then, they can submit it as a file attachment in the online form to make sure no information gets lost?

It’s definitely not a perfect solution but perhaps could be a bit more uniform than having some people using paper copies and others submitting it electronically.

Let me know your thoughts and we can go from there!

Hi Charlotte, thanks for the suggestion but no, that wouldn’t work. I need all the data in the actual database for reporting purposes, so pdf file attachments aren’t any use for that I’m afraid.


Hi Johanna,

We use Zoho forms who also have a mobile app which works offline.
You can design the form how you wish and then integrate it with Zapier or Make.com to add the results to you Monday.com board.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Alan. I have heard from elsewhere that that might be a workable solution. Thanks for the tip… I will have to look into Zoho (even if it scares me a bit!)



The Monday app works offline too but you should check if filling a form is possible. I also know that not all the actions are possible.