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Is there any way to integrate whatsapp and create leads in my CRM in monday from a chat automatically?
Currently, I have a Facebook Ads integration for a client where leads that fill out the form go directly to a monday dashboard, but now another facebook campaign has been launched that instead of a form, leads to a whatsapp. Is there any way to get those leads once they write in whatsapp to the monday dashboard automatically? Or any workaround to this particular case.


Hi @JoseV :wave:

I haven’t tested it yet but a new app launched in January this year to integrate WhatsApp with monday.com CRM. Check out ’ TimelinesAI: WhatsApp sync ’ in the app marketplace.

There’s a 10 day trial and pricing looks like this:

Let us know your thoughts!

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Hello Jose we can intergrate the whatsuapp to your CRM on monday and automated from the chat , suppose you are getting the facebook ads we can integrate the all the phatform through make and zapier and lead that fill out the directly to monday dashboard, we can intregrate the scenario accoding to process and workflow automation, we would like to know about the next step, we can connect the zoom call so explain to you how it work on it please let me know .

There are two ways to bring WhatsApp leads into your Monday.com CRM:

Native Integration: Monday.com now offers a built-in WhatsApp integration that creates leads and lets you manage chats within the platform (check their announcement: [neighborhood. monday.com]).

Third-party Tools: Instruments like StartADAM analyze chats and generate leads according to your specifications.

Remember: These might not capture entire history of chat, so you need to add further details yourself. Define easily understandable triggers (e. g. keywords etc. ) for lead creation.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.


Amit Kumar

Hello Amit,
I am looking for the native integration that did you mention but I can not find it in monday.com

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