When trying to store and get the item(items_by_column_values), its not getting instantly or first query, i got that item after 2 or 3 queries, how can i solve this

i got this empty array but that item placed in my board :unamused:
please help me to solve this???

‘items_by_column_values’ =>
array (

Hello @Mathan!

If the item was just created or updated, it will usually take around 32 seconds (it can take a bit longer if the server is experiencing heavy traffic) for the change to be available using the items_by_column_values query.

Hope the information helps :slightly_smiling_face:


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monday api create_item not working and return nothing in php

    $query ='mutation {
        create_item (board_id: 2616634821, group_id: "tickets", item_name: "new item") {

Hello @Mathan!

If the query works for you in monday’s API Playground, then the issue lies on your script.

This is probably because of some syntax issue on how you are passing the query. I recommend searching for “PHP” in the community to see what other users used when working with PHP.