Where do I find Monday.com roadmap?

Hi there,
I have an idea for Monday app that I want to build in order to improve Monday workflows and day-to-day use. I want to check if Monday dev team plan to solve it in the next future before start working on it.
Do you know where I can find Monday roadmap and plans to the next future?
Thank you very much.

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I would also like this! I know there is a subitem product plan so I hope there is one available for the general Monday.com roadmap. Subitems Product Plan

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Hello @Hezibo and @kdallons!

We are working on having that available in the future but I do not have an ETA on it yet.

Having said that, @Hezibo if you want to send your idea to appsupport@monday.com, we can take a look into it and let you know about it.


Thank you @Matias.Monday

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