Where is the click the pencil from the message

Hi Experts,

I need your advice to follow up with the message from system to add Guest into the workspace… The same message is poping up and hard to find out " Click the pencil"…
Appreciate your help.
Regards Kevin

Hey Kevin!

Apologies for the confusion here, it appears that the pop up directions might be out-dated. If you head to your admin settings you should be able to adjust the user type directly from there:

Does this help? :pray:

Thank Bianca for the note.
Of course I can change the type as you mentioned. but the message continues…


Are you attempting to invite a user with an email that is already being used by a guest in your account? If this is the case, you would need to deactivate and delete the user that is associated with the email, so then free up that email address.

Or are you simply trying to invite the guest into a particular board?

Hi Brianca… thanks for the note.
But I need it in the dashboard.
In the normal board, it is fine I can find it easily who is the owner as you mentioned, but in the dashboard as attached, I can not find it.

Rgds Kevin

Hey @kevin_jun - I believe you were meant to reply to this thread here - Knowing who made dashboard. I have posted my reply there to ensure it’s clear for other community members incase they have the same problem :pray: