Why are Friday and Saturday shaded on this Workload calendar view?

Can anyone let me know why the Friday and Saturday columns are shaded on this team workload dashboard calendar?
Also, why are the Friday markers full, red discs?

Thanks for any information.

Hey there!

It looks like your account may have Friday and Saturday set as the weekend days. You can change this by going to your avatar in the lower left corner of your monday account, then clicking “Administration”, and under “General” choose “Account”. Then you can choose whether the first day of the week is Sunday or Monday.

This should then lead the workload calendar to show Saturday and Sunday as the shaded weekend days.

I am assuming the weekend thing is also applying itself to the workload on Fridays, showing all work as red. Red = over capacity. This shows up on a Friday because the calendar is considering it a weekend (and therefore no work should be done :blush:)

I hope this helps! Let us know if it doesn’t resolve when updating the admin settings!

I’m curious why anyone would have Friday marked as a weekend day?
A lot of calendars we use in our timekeeping apps and other accounting apps allow you to set Monday as the first day of the work week, but that doesn’t mean that Friday and Saturday are set as weekend days, it just means that calendar displays get set to have Monday as the left-most column rather than Sunday.

And to be honest, I should have the ability to remove Saturday and Sunday from calendard displays altogether, as I can with any other work-based calendar application.

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