Why can't I see all of the items in the calendar view?

I have set my calendar to show items by due dates.
For some days I have 10+ items due, and I don’t seem to be able to see all the items in calendar view? When I view it in full screen I see the 7th item has its color box cropped, when I am viewing not in full screen only 5 itmes are shown on that day, and I am unable to scroll the day’s cube to view the rest of the items of the list.

Clearly this is not suppose to happen. Did I miss any thing? I tried clicking the date but that only takes me to add another item to the day.

Hey @aelia! Thanks for posting about this.

The number of items a single calendar box will show will depend on the zoom of your screen; whether you are fullscreen; and whether you have “Month,” “Week,” or “Day” selected at the top of the calendar view. The calendar date will not necessarily show all items on the widget. Feel free to write to us at support@monday.com and share a screenshot if it is still looking off!

Hi Talia @TRB-monday.com, thanks for getting back to me. The zoom in and out trick works, but I think it really needs some improvement because in order to see more than 8 items / date the screen has to zoom so far out it is not funny :expressionless: Also there is no indication on if the box is showing all items or not so we will need to zoom 1 step more than needed to ensure all items are showing.
Perhaps there could be a (+) sign on the box where it is not showing all items? So at least we can be aware that there will be more items on that day. Hover on top to show all items could be handy too!

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