Why does formula column say true

I’m trying to make a formula for if a column (Staceys total hours) is greater than 15 the text will read yes. But as you can see in the picture the formula column says true. What you can’t see is that the total of (Staceys total hours) is 14.

The formula works as IF({Stacey total hours)<15, “yes”)
But it does NOT work as IF({Stacey total hours)>15, “yes”)

Please help. Thank you


The basic syntax for the IF() function is: IF(condition, result when condition is true, result when condition is false)

It is always best to make sure and define all components.

Specifically, given your example, if you want the formula to return “yes” when the value is greater than 15 and nothing otherwise, use this syntax:

IF({Stacey total hours)>15, "yes", "")

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Thank You!!! that worked perfectly. It’s always the smallest of details that make or break it.

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