Why is the status summary color order randomized?

The summary at the end of the status column re-orders the statuses in a random way instead of following the order set in the label setup menu. If we have a logical flow of statuses such as To Do > In Progress > In Review > In Testing > Done, the summary should follow this order as well. Otherwise this creates extra steps when looking at status distribution across a group because we must hover over the status to know which one it is. We cannot quickly get high-level information about our pipeline at a glance.

Below is an example in which our statuses are Q1 > Q2 > Q3 > Q4.

Our label list clearly indicates the logical order of the statuses, but the summary places Q4 in front of Q1 which doesn’t make any sense. A straightforward solution to this would be to have the color order in the summary exactly follow the order of labels in the status list.