Mirrored Status Color Ordering

I’m using a mirror for subitem status. It puts all the colors in one cell, as expected. However, the order seems to be random. It doesn’t seem to be related to the order of the status in the list, nor to the order of the subitems, nor to the hues of the colors.

I use colors to track the status of subitems, and the mirror column COULD provide a good visual if, for example, colors indicating “can do” were on the left, “in progress” in the middle, “done” on the right. Like I have them ordered when I choose a status for the subitem. But instead, right now, I might have the done color on the left, the not started color in the middle, and the in progress color on the right.

Hey @AlexTechnical,

I have done some digging and from my understanding believe that the logic is to order by “done” colours and later by the origin column labels order. From the sounds of things this isn’t quite how it’s appearing on your end. Would you be happy to share a screenshot so I can gain a better understanding how it’s appearing on your end? You’re welcome to send over private message if you’d prefer :pray:

Hi Bianca! Here’s an example of what I’m seeing. In this case, the “Done” color shows in the middle. Also, what defines the “Done” colors? I didn’t know there was special logic around that.

Here’s another one. What I’m seeing consistently is that the “default” (light gray) is on the right, “Done” is in the middle, and “Everything else” is on the left. But what’s strange here is that the “everything else” on the left seems to be in an arbitrary order. Note that in the order I’ve set up the labels, the order is Waiting, Can Do, In Progress. But in the mirror, one item has In Progress before Can Do, and another has Waiting before Can Do. I would expect “Can Do” to be in the middle.

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An ideal for me, though, would be to order it in reverse from the label order. So let’s say I have Not Started, Waiting, In Progress, Done as labels, then in the mirror, from left to right, would be Done, In Progress, Waiting, Started.

I generally order my labels from earlier in the process to later, so that would give a nice view that behaves kinda like overlapping logical left-to-right progress bars.

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Thanks for this information @AlexTechnical :pray:

In terms of what defines the “done” colours, this is set up via the status column settings:

Would you be able to check these settings just incase this might be impacting the sort? Essentially if the settings are correct, those Done labels should start from the left.

Thanks Bianca, I didn’t know about that capability.
Unfortunately, it still doesn’t seem to be behaving as expected.

See that only the dark blue is the only “Done” color, but in the mirror column directly above, there are items both to the left and to the right of the Done blue.

Also notice that this is the same page screenshot a few replies up, and now the colors in that item are in a different order. I don’t think I’ve moved or reconfigured anything in the interim relating to that item.

And now it has moved again. So, it seems completely nondeterministic. Think it chooses a new order each time the page loads.