Why is there a limit of subtasks you can create in a board?

Our board is maxed out for 10,000 subtasks. Why is there a limit>?
Also, we archived some of them but then we have no way to see how many seats are being freed so far. Is there anyway to see how much we freed for the entire period and not just a certain month or quarter.?


Hi @TJ_S!

Great question-- this is a new limitation that our team has released for our entire platform just a few weeks ago. I believe this change was to better match our UI and our API.

Regarding your question-- are you referring to available user seats on your account? Or something else?

To see how many user seats you have already used on your monday.com account, you can navigate into the Admin → Users tab to see and edit this list of users.

No. I’m talking about how to find out how many sub-items have we created already in the entire board. We archived some today to make room for new ones. But we don’t have a way to see how many sub-items left to be used in the next few days.

@TJ_S thanks for clarifying!

Sadly, you would need to do this manually. So you can either query all of your Subitems on the board and count them, or just count them within your monday.com account.

If I were you, I would most likely query all of the Subitems, and then count them using a simple function.

Thanks for getting back to me on this. Appreciate it.

Also, could you please help me follow up my request to your dev team about our account to have the multiboard linking feature? My request is been a while. We need to create a central board linking to multiple boards.
Our account is scorchagency.monday.com

We really appreciate your help.

Hey @TJ_S ,

I’m afraid that multi-board mirroring (i.e. to reflect data from multiple boards within the same column) is currently still an Alpha feature and is released to a selected list of accounts. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, but we might not be able to provide the feature to your account just yet.

Is there anything else we can help you with? Also, I would recommend reaching out with specific platform-related questions to our inbox → support@monday.com, as the best place to get this kind of help :slight_smile: This section of the community forum is rather meant to clarify apps and API usage.



Sadly, I did not get any follow up from my inbox. Left me with now choice but to ask about it in connection to my query because it seems like you guys answer more swiftly here.

Hi Helen,

What formula should I use.

Say, I have 10 groups in a board. Each group has 10 Items. Each Item has huge counts of sub-items (count varies from each item).
Can you tell me how do I query them at once?


Great question!

In this case, I would find the subitem board Id (to see how to find this, check out this thread) to query all of the items on the board.

You can then write a simple function that will iterate over the results returned and count all of the subitems returned. This should be a quick way to tell you how many there are.

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