Why Is There Only 1 Board Showing In My Work Area?

I have 10 boards created.

When I go to My Work area and go into customise the view, it only shows me 1 board I can select…

Is this a bug?

I tried refreshing page, clearing browser cache and even went into incognito mode.


Hi @fisheyes

This definitely looks a little strange!

Since you’ve already tried some basic troubleshooting steps, I think it would be best to escalate this issue to our bug investigation team to take a look further.
Are you able to shoot us an email to support@monday.com?
They’ll be able to continue to assist!



It’s OK I worked it out in the end.

I was mirroring the people colum from my main board across all other boards but Monday treat a mirror people board as static and therefore the other boards wouldn’t appear since they technically think they are not assigned to me.