Why we don't have a monday community in other language?

Hello world,
i try to explain my point of view.
I think is obvious to say english as read and understand in all of world.
But one part of entreprises doesn’t read or write english.
In fact, why doesn’t proposed support in others languages.

Thanks for reading

I do know they have a Deutsch community, are you more comfortable in German? Perhaps you could see if there is enough interest in the community having another language?

Loom is a very good option, just select the text and do cntr-C twice, it translate immediate and much better (in my opinion than Google). It even inserts directly into your Chrome browser (the reply windows)

Loom is een zeer goede optie, selecteer gewoon de tekst en doe twee keer cntr-C, het vertaalt onmiddellijk en veel beter (naar mijn mening dan Google). Het voegt zelfs direct in uw Chrome-browser (de antwoordvensters)

Loom es una muy buena opción, solo hay que seleccionar el texto y hacer cntr-C dos veces, traduce inmediatamente y mucho mejor (en mi opinión que Google). Incluso se inserta directamente en su navegador Chrome (las ventanas de respuesta)

And :slight_smile: doesn’t translate. En :slight_smile: vertaalt niet. Y :slight_smile: no se traduce.

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