Widget settings are not loading for users, but do for

We’re having an issue with a widget we’re developing. We’re building a widget to show a view of all of our approaching deadlines for our active projects. The widget is consuming about 30+ boards. We’re using the settings panel to select which column represents the delivery date for each connected board because they aren’t always consistent. When I test the widget, the settings load fine, but when anyone else tests the widget it just comes in as an empty object.

What users get in the dev console:

What I get in the dev console:

Any thoughts as to why our standard users can’t load the settings established by the dashboard owners?

Hello there @Jaeta,

Would you be able to please fill out this form so that we can take a look into this?

Please add as much information as possible. A screen recording of the steps you are taking and the result you see (both when this succeeds and when it doesn’t) would be very much appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you via the form!


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