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Not sure how to describe what I am after but here goes.

I have a work stream which requires engineers to attend site for jobs. I want the engineers to be notified of the job and the allocatd date of atendance.

When the engineer attends, I then want them to complete a job sheet which then auto populates some information, eg address reference etc and then they can free type work completed and provided images on the form etc. this form would then upload automatically to the file section for that job.

Hope this makes sense and is this possible?

Novice using mondays for only a few weeks.

Hey Dave! This is absolutely do-able!

It sounds like you will definitely want to use automations for a lot of this. So when you assign your engineers to a job using the People Column, they will automatically be notified.

Then, you can set up an automation to send them the date, location, and any other relevant details. You could set up something like this:

In the recipe above, you can see the curly brackets allow dynamic information in the notification message. So every time you trigger the automation, it will send the location and date listed for that specific item you’re assigning.

For the job sheet, I would absolutely recommend using the WorkForms feature. The forms can automatically populate the board with new items. To include the option in your form to add files, add a Files Column to the board and then select it to show up in the forms when editing the WorkForms.

Let us know if you need any further help setting this up! :blush:

HI Charlotte

Thanks for you reply.

The 1st part is easy, its the second part I think I need help with. How can i set up a pre populated form so the engineer doesn’t need to fill in the address details (which are already on my board) Basically avoiding user error.

Hi Dave,

You can do the second part with a two step process.

You will need to install the AutoID app from the marketplace and set it up on your projects board (When an item is created create an ID) name the column “Job ID”, this will allow for the second step. You will need to create a separate board for the forms and when the engineers fill out a form you should have a question “Job ID” where they will need to enter the job ID from the projects board. You will then need to add this automation “When an item is created in this board connect the item where this column matches this column in another board by this logic” from the automations center one the form board. See screenshot attached. This will link you form answers to your project board. You can then use mirror columns to pull the data you want to see on the projects board.

If you need further assistance feel free to DM me.

Hope this helps.