Workback Schedule Templates

Hi Monday community!

I tried looking for a workback schedule for a social media asset creation. I can only find a social media planner/calendar template. Is anyone kind to share their workback schedule template for social media asset creation in Monday? Thank you!!!

Hi @TJ_S :wave:

Were you able to set up a workback schedule? If not we’d be happy to assist here to help you get something up and running!
I’d love to first better understand what you’re specific needs are for the workback schedule - what kind of information do you need to track?

We can then suggest some specific columns that you might like to use to set this up!

If you’ve already been able to set this up, we’d love to see your board!



Hi again @TJ_S

As we haven’t had any updates here, I’m going to go ahead and mark this thread as closed.

If you’d like us to continue to assist with this request, please feel free to let us know!