WORKDAYS this month, next month, next 6 months based on Timeline Formula problem

Hi monday community!

I am currently trying to figure out a solution involving workdays based on a set of IF statements. But I cant quite figure it out.

I already have the required dates in the formulas on the right side.

Current workcase:

I want to display workdays based on the timeline.

Workdays this month (Column 1):
Show the workdays based on the timeline that are in the current month. (From Timeline#Start untill End or if the timeline is longer, last day of the month)

Workdays Next month (Column 2):
Workdays based on timeline in the next month, and only the next month.

Workdays Next 6 month (Column 3):
Workdays Timeline#start untill end of {End date next 6 Months}. But if the timeline is shorter then those 6 months just show timeline start untill timeline end WORKDAYS(Timeline#End, Timeline#Start)

If you need more info about this usecase let me know.

Hi Tim,

This would be a case for the Advanced Formula Booster, the 3rd-party app that revolutionizes formulas.

If you are stuck with doing it natively, here is the formula you could use for the Workdays this month.

IF({Timeline#Start}>{Start this month},NETWORKDAYS({Timeline#Start},IF({Timeline#End}<{End of this month},{Timeline#End},{End of this month})),NETWORKDAYS({Start this month},IF({Timeline#End}<{End of this month},{Timeline#End},{End of this month})))

With the Advanced Formula Booster,

  • you would create a Numbers column (I called it Workdays this month) and the formula would cast its result to this column (no need for a Formula column) which means you would be able to use that calculated number anywhere in widgets, etc.
  • you would not need all the extra 1st and last month day columns
  • it would take into account your National and Company holidays (there is a place in the app to enter these).

Hope it helps.

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