Workflow block endpoint not called

I’m building a NodeJs integration that gets data from external sources to add in different Boards. I followed the Quickstart Guide: Integration Recipes to start off with.

In the recipe creator I call my Workflow Block (with custom endpoint) by clicking a button to test if everything works the way I would like, but the endpoint in the Workflow Block is never called. In the Activity Logs in I see the status of the action is “in progress…” but it never changes. I’m able to call the endpoint by Postman or by a browser (when I remove the auth temporary).

I saw another post about changing URL’s and caching (Cache for new app versions - #8 by Helen). I couldn’t find any documentation about this in the docs.

Should my app work when I uninstall and install my app again? Like it says in the post above?

And are there any logs available in for the different endpoints that are called to my private server? (An extension of the Activity Logs for example).

Found the problem: I did GET requests but these should have been POSTs.

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