Workflow set up help needed for a legal firm

I’m looking for an expert, who can help set up workflows and boards in monday .com for my legal firm. We’re currently using trial version, so experts with rich knowledge in monday .com workflow automation is highly preferred.


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A workflow is a sequence of tasks requiring completion in consecutive order to achieve a specific business objective. By setting up automatic workflows on monday dot com, you can easily notify key people, impose new deadlines, send reminders, and achieve seamless task completion. Overall, monday .com workflow management helps eliminate redundant tasks and streamline many processes, so that your workforce can use their brain power on other core processes.

My team could handle the monday .com workflow setup for your legal firm. Our dedicated consultants might be able to assist you in developing customized workflows by selecting an appropriate template that matches your business goals and delivers impeccable results
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Neelam B
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We’re a Global Gold Monday.Com partner with over 20 years specialising in Workflow and Content in many industries.

Your scenario is not uncommon and as such we have developed very popular ‘Fresh Start’ packages for reviewing, improving and onboarding

If you would like more from your platform, including integration to other platforms - please drop me a line for a free 45 minute initial scoping call.

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Hi @alinadsouza - We have worked with a number of legal firms in the past to setup custom detailed workflows and would love the opportunity to see how we can be of assistance to set you up with the perfect solution tailored to your needs.

If you would like to discuss in more detail, feel free to send us a message at or you can book a complementary discovery session with us below.

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Also, make sure to check us out online to learn more about what we do!

Hi Alina,

You’ve come to the right place. is a Benelux Platinum partner of and we’re experts in setting up workflows within I personally have a legal background, so we understand the way of working in a firm. Feel free to reach out to discuss the next steps.

Sophie Uijterschout

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There are a lot of great partners out there and I would like to introduce you to the team at CarbonWeb. We are a partner out of Cleveland, OH and we specialize in custom setup and development of environments. Additionally, we have begun to release end-to-end solutions on the platform in the form of our CarbonWeb Suites. You can find some info on the CarbonCRM Suite in the monday Marketplace.

I believe our team is well equipped to handle this project and I would like to have an initial consultation to see how we can help. If you would like to have that meeting with me please schedule here: Consultation - Ricky

Good luck as you get started!

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Ricky Tomer

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Carbon Web Print, LLC
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Hi dear , my name is Vahid, this is my email and contact information, let me know if we could collaborate , looking forward to hear from you, thanks
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