Workflow - Structured process with required columns and permissions

Hey people!

Spot-nik is a certified partner of and we are excited to announce that today we launched a new application into the apps marketplace - Workflow.

Workflow app allows building a visual step-by-step workflow process with required columns and custom permissions in each step.

Workflow app has 3 main functionalities:

  • Structured critical path workflow, it allows to build of a structured based workflow and simplifies the user journey, users only need to click “next” and the workflow app will take them through the journey. i.e. lead → qualification → closure (no way to skip qualification)
  • Required columns per step, it allows setting required columns in each step (and not only for the creation of an item via a form) and focuses the users on required data in order to move forward with your process. i.e. you cannot finish the qualification stage without filling the timeline column
  • Permission settings, it allows to set permission on a status column and by that allowing only to permitted personally to perform a specific step. i.e. only the manager can approve a special discount.

The application will be frequently upgraded and improved with minor and major versions, the roadmap will be specified in our website.

The Workflow application has 21 days trial with unlimited access and then based on several subscriptions.

Here is an example of building an HR recruiting process using the workflow app.

You can read the application FAQ for more details.

Feel free to log any Feedback/Feature Request or contact us using the form or by email



Interesting and relevant app, thanks for sharing!

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Great app! Can I promote the item to more than one option?

For example, can I move from ‘Working on it’ either to ‘Done’ or ‘Stuck’?


Currently it support one critical path, but we are working on the second version which will include multiple options per step.


Thanks @guy.gavish,

It sounds very helpful.

Today we will push a new minor version for improving the file uploading feature.

In addition, our next main features in the roadmap are:

  1. Tree decision
  2. Approval process

We will provide more details soon.

Hello users,

Feel free to test it within you monday.con accounts we will take your feedback to enrich the application over the next versions.


The tree decision is very important for us and will perfectly cover our needs.
Could you please specify when it’ll be implemented?


Hi @ssclaws.

We are developing this feature these days.
We don’t have an official release date of this feature, but I’d say something like July 2021.

Hey @spot-nik,

Thanks for sharing this with our community! I think a lot of our users would find this one useful in their workflows - great job :slight_smile:


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Hi @AlexSavchuk

Thank you for your message, it’s highly appreciated and very important to us.

Hi all,

We are thrilled to share the intro video regarding Workflow v2.0 that will include Decision Trees and Approval Processes.

These features will improve to necessity and use-cases of the app.

Workflow v2.0 is planned to be released during July 2021.

Hello all, you can see on this video the how decision trees (version 2.0) will look like

Version 2.0 will support that.

Have a look in that video

Hi Alex, can you introduce us to some interested customers ?

Thanks @guy.gavish, it looks very relevant for us.

Please keep me updated regarding the release of the v2, thanks!

Hi @spot-nik

Could you please provide more instructions videos regarding the Workflow app?

Hi all,

We are thrilled to announce that Workflow application v2 will be released by the end of July! :tada: :confetti_ball: