WorkForm Location Field

I created a new WorkForm and added a Location column to be entered. There are times where a person needs to enter an address which is not found in drop down. How can I let this field allow for putting in a free form value?


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Hello @heimesk !

In most of the different columns, when used in a form, an option is given for an additional answer, if the already existing values do not cover you.

This however is not available with the location column.

The options you have are using a text column altogether, a non mandatory text column ( for example write your address if you did not find it in the previous field), or change the location column to a more generic dropdown column ( it depends on the level detail you are interested in).

Hope this helps!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

I had a similar issue with the location field. The address would often pop up, but when Suite or Unit Numbers were required there was no way to specify so I ended up just making the location column a text field which has worked for now.

Hi @heimesk @kaylak

We’ve just released a new feature in our app Location Toolkit that allows you to convert any address into a Location column. For example when a form is submitted or when you import an excel containing addresses.

So in this case, you could replace the Location column on your workform with a regular text column and let Location Toolkit do the conversion.

In this video you can see the function in action, although we’re using an import as an example, it would work the same for a form submission (as that also creates an item).

Don’t hesitate to reach out when you have any questions or thoughts!