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Hey guys

With everything happening right now, many companies all over the globe are moving to remote working.:earth_africa:

I wanted to see if anyone here wanted to share tips for using monday,com for remote working - which boards, features, dashboards are helping you stay connected, productive and still working towards your goals?

Also, if you have any general tips for working from home, share them here too! :v:

Don’t forget to register for our upcoming webinar on this very subject taking place tomorrow at 11am EST:

Let’s support each other in this new reality of work :slight_smile:
Oh and we’ve released some amazing new features to ease remote working with (we’ll be posting them in the announcements section so keep an eye out). As a sneak peak we’re talking about Zoom integration (out already) with enhancements coming, the ability to share the map view and more!!

I missed the webinar, will it be offered again or the recording posted? Thanks! Our entire org has gone remote this week so we are looking for tips and tricks to stay productive.

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Hi @reesa.fickett

The recording will go live on our webinars page: by the end of the day but I’ll also post it here.

Hey guys

The recording for the webinar which took place last week for working remote with is here

Let us know if you have any questions! @reesa.fickett