Working whit monday for recruting process (HR)? dont miss this post!

we just released to the marketplace the new and revolutionary HR AI Assistant app which will bring the magic of AI Directly to your recruiting process.
what do we offer:
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:rocket: Automatically scan resumes and effortlessly match them to your job description.
:rocket: Implement an automatic scoring system (1-5) based on alignment with the role, streamlining your search for the perfect fit.
:rocket: Break down candidate skills and present a concise summary directly on your board for quick evaluation.

:rocket: Facilitate a smoother transition from a candidate’s resume to job requirements by posing three targeted questions.

But hold on, there’s more to come! We’re diligently working on additional exciting features that will gradually unveil for our app users.

Take the plunge, be part of the revolution, and share your insights to help us enhance the product. Your feedback matters, and we’re all ears for your suggestions! :star2:

Wooohooo! :tada: So exciting!