Workload widget - Hours inconsistent when extending date

We use the workload widget that pulls in assignee, timeline and hours (number) columns. I have found it to be inconsistent when an item/task’s timeline has been extended.

This scenario for example:

  • Task that initially had a date for 8 Jan with 3 hours (this numbers column needs to stay the same as this is the estimate visible to clients) had been worked on for 1 hours but had to be pushed back to 9 Jan.
  • Now it will show in the workload widget that the full 3 hours are allocated on 9 Jan to the assigned, whereas its only 2 hours remaining that needs be be worked on.

I’m wondering if the best solution is to have 2 number columns:
a) Estimated overall time (that will never change unless it is rescoped)
b) Adjusted time left for the assigned to work on

This will mean a bit more manual work but it will reflect better on the workload view.

Is there any better approach to this?

Thanks all.

Hey Dawn!

I like your idea of the two numbers columns. You could also add an additional workload widget and keep it next to the original one and have the original show the estimated overall time, and then the new widget use the other numbers column (adjusted time).

This way you can see the desired data in one glance, even if it’s split into two different widgets.

Let me know your thoughts and we can go from there!