Workload Widget update: Availability Management 📅 👀

Introducing, Availability Management 📅 👀

It’s now possible to customise the widget, based on the work schedule for each user via the team they are assigned to.

The admin is able to assign a work schedule to a team, which will reflect the precise calendar of each user, resulting in a more accurate representation of the users availability.

Find out more here → Availability Management

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This is great news!
It would be even better if it was possible to customise each user, not only on a team level, but individual level as well, so that vacation days could easily be registered without having a designated board for this. Any chance that this may be on your roadmap?
How about a “vacation schedule” on each user’s profile page? (just thinking out loud here)


Love this idea and can confirm this is on our future roadmap - specifically supporting personal time off in work schedules from the user profile :eyes: :raised_hands:


In addition, it would be amazing if it was also connected to the board to the TIMELINE or DATE column and skips free days for each user!!


Absolutely excited about this new feature…

Customizing the widget based on each user’s work schedule via their assigned team is a game-changer. It allows administrators to assign work schedules to teams, which then accurately reflect each user’s calendar. This level of precision ensures that the widget provides a highly accurate representation of user availability.

This feature is bound to streamline scheduling and planning processes, making it easier than ever to manage tasks and resources efficiently. Thanks for the update, :clap::rocket:

Neelam B. consulting

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Thanks so much for your feedback - we are excited to hear that this update will offer great value to the community!

Love this idea. Any timeline on when it will be released?

Hey Soroh!

This feature has been fully released :raised_hands:

Very excited about this feature! It will make management of a global team much easier. One request, can you please add a visual indicator for holidays/non-working days in the “Week” view of the Workload widget? We need this to see at-a-glance when a resource has less capacity in a given week. It could be shown as a fraction of the circle, or a thick outline, really any indicator. Right now if a person is not assigned any work during a holiday week, there is no indication that they have less than their standard full capacity available.

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Hey Amanda!

I apologise for the delayed reply. I have followed up with our product team about this, however from my understanding your request is part of our next phase in this feature’s development. I will update you as soon as I get a confirmation from product :pray:

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Unfortunately the latest release does not allow you to manage the schedule per user. The schedule is only at the team level, so all team members must have the same schedule. In a team there are always different schedules.

Is the timetable per user already in the roadmap?

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Hey Ziad, thanks for raising this!

I have been in communication with the relevant product manager, and they’ve confirmed that at this time the focus is on creating user groups (i.e. for public holidays, you can create a team per country for). That said, user-level schedules is something that is definitely on the roadmap - we are hoping for early next year. More updates to come :slight_smile:

HI Bianca

Any further updates on being able to set a schedule per user and not just by team?

Will it be possible to access - and change - ones schedule without having admin access?

Our team managers generally do not have admin access, as that is reserved for our IT solution architects for security reasons. For that reason we can’t really take advantage of this functionality, which is a shame.

Hey Richard!

It’s still definitely on our roadmap and likely will be release in the second half of the year. If anything changes, rest assured I will let you know :pray:

I hear you! I will check on this with the product team and let you know :ok_hand:

Thanks for your patience @kasperhusted :pray: I’ve spoken with our product team and we do hope to address this throughout the year - likely the second half! That said, we will be sure to keep you in the loop of any changes/updates moving forward :slight_smile: