Year view as calendar and widget

I’m planning events throughout the year, and it would help me if the calendar view/widget would enable me to see a full year at once e.g like this:

A circle could be around the days where something is already scheduled

Hi there! Yes!!! I would LOVE this too! I mean this is ESSENTIAL when planning things out.

I might even go a little further and have the ability to have limited copy for key milestones, that we can see from this view.

We are planning projects, sometimes up to 5 years in advance. We need to be able to see when each project is forecast to finish to avoid closely related projects completing at the same time. We need a calendar view just down to month/year and would need to scroll/filter the next (say) 5 years, for resource planning etc.

We would love this capability.

Year view is a great idea, if you’re still looking for a solution here, instead of waiting for it to be added through monday I can recommend Calendar Plus in the marketplace:
It’s free to use and has a year view that sounds like it would help your planning:

Disclaimer: I helped build Calendar Plus so I might be biased. I would be happy to hear your thoughts on it; we make regular changes based on feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion - even though it’s not working for me. Let me explain:

Working for a large company, one problem with many of these kind of tools that have a marketplace for 3rd party add-ons is, that we essentially can only use the basic functions, as there are huge hurdles (financially and process wise) to get any add on approved.

So I either need to wait for Monday to come up with a solution, or I can’t use Monday for this function. It’s unfortunately the same story for other improvements and other tools that larger companies use :frowning:

Thank you for the explanation @MarkusSt, it sounds like a hassle to get through the process of getting more functionality added outside of Monday.

I think everyone should have a calendar that works for them, I’ve added my vote on your feature request, hope that helps a tiny bit to get this yearly overview in the monday calendar too =)