Zapier Podio need help connecting. JSON issues

Specifically using this screenshot - Whats wrong with the text values? this should work. The word hot should go to the CRM but its not. I have a text column with the dev id text and text0

I am very pissed off that this took so long to work on and took days to get support responses. This entire thread could have been handled in a 20 minute phone call and gotten the issue fixed. I would have gladly paid 100 dollars or more for premium phone support to set up my systems. Not a good experience so far!!! 7 days to resolve a 20 minute issue

Hey @dfurt

It seems like you might have an extra space before the column ID “text”:

Here’s what leads me to think in that direction. I have just tested this on my end with the OLD version of our Zapier integration, and had no issues using the format provided in this thread:

The item was created on without any issues:

As already mentioned, I strongly recommend simply creating a new Zap. This will allow you to use the NEW version of our Zapier integration, which should allow you to set up the column values from Padio much faster:

The interface will populate with columns that are part of the selected board automatically:

And this will also allow you to avoid using any JSON formatting for columns like Text, Phone, or Email.

Would you be able to give this a shot? I appreciate your patience and cooperation here, but considering Zapier is a 3rd-party solution, we do not provide phone call support to users trying to implement this option in their workflow.


Wow i havent noticed that yet. We caught spaces in other areas. Ill have it looked at shortly.

This took way too long to resolve. How simple this could have been


I do apologize! Issues with column value formatting like the one you’ve outlined in this thread are exactly why we’ve commited to create a better set of features for the Zapier integration, which should make the process much easier and less prone to errors like having an extra space.

I’d love to hear if that worked better for you, but either way, I’m glad we are closer to solving this one out now :slight_smile:


i will check out the new zap. Which one offers the most triggers?

Once i have learned formatting my focus is on getting the most triggers for my work

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The triggers will be relatively the same, as those are generic and try to fit most use cases. However, the new Zap also includes a step that allows you to Search within your board’s columns, based on a specific value :slight_smile:

This could be a great step to enable some workflows, as you could use the Search results to trigger the next steps from there.


So with the new zap connection can my address fields go to location without longitude latitude?

As you are aware the addresses are currently a text field. I really need the address to be visible on the monday maps page.


I’m afraid that the location column will still require you to use geo-code data in order to fill in the details. Using just the address will not work for this column type.

This is something Integromat can handle better, at this time, as they do have a module that allows you to connect to Google Maps API in order to get geo-code data. You can find more info on this in the following community discussion:

Location column - move address into it from a text column

I hope this helps, although I understand this is not what you were looking to hear. This is still something for us to improve upon.


So is there any way at all to use the map features in monday with the address text column?

Why cant monday convert this for me using the text? Google does it millions of times per day when people type in address

Is there any way to mirror or duplicate my text address over to the location field?

The longitude thing is very odd. Integrated data is almost useless there except for another 3rd party integration you suggested. Messy

Is it possible for the recommended app to take my address column and convert it to the location column?


Thank you for circling back with me! I’m afraid that is not the same as Google Maps, and as such, does not currently offer a feature that would interpret an address as a location directly. I definitely see how this would really help in your workflow, though.

The community post I linked earlier explains exactly the workflow you’re looking for, at this point. There are suggestions on how to take values from a Text column that stores the Address, get the geo-code data from Google Maps API, and then push that into the Location column.

Integromat also has a free plan with up to 1000 actions per month, and in your scenario, you would likely only need 3 (get text value, get Google Maps geocode, then push the value into the Location column).

I hope this helps.


I also posted in the community to ask if the comments column still requires JSON on the new zap. We inserted the podio values here and it didnt work. Let me know if there is any manual formatting required for the comments field


Could you clarify what you are referring to with the “comments” field here? Are you referring to the Updates section, for example, or is this a long text column within your board?

I’d love to see a screenshot of your current configuration and the error you are seeing so we can troubleshoot this further.


The default column called “Comments” Yes I would prefer a zap to populate the updates section instead. Is it possible to send text to the updates section?

I am waiting on screenshots from my admin about the comments section. We basically were unable to make the field work using the new zap but they may have an error on our end. Will let u know.

Please let me know if the updates section can be used. We want to send long text to the updates section via zapier


Ah, got it. That makes total sense!

In that case, you would need to use a different action. You will not be able to create an update using the item’s column values section, as those are different entities in our system. Instead, I recommend using the Create Updates action, and it will definitely support using text:

I’d love to learn if this would be the solution you’re looking for :slight_smile:


Thanks is this done all in one zap including the create item actions?

Need to - Create item and populate additional columns and then create update

all in one zap/trigger

Is this possible or are we talking two completely different triggers/zaps?


Thank you for circling back with me!

Yes, you could do this within the same Zap :slight_smile: Actually, i would recommend doing it within the same Zap (making it a Multi-Step Zap), as you’d very likely want to create the Update in the item that was created.

As such, you could use the output of the create item Action as the Item ID to create the Update in. Does that make sense?

Let me know :slight_smile:



In terms of getting more focused support to set up your in alignment to your vision, I recommend reaching out to, as you’d be able to reach our support team with vast experience on setting up workflows for our users. Feel free to provide a link to your latest post within this topic when you send the message, so our team can follow up from there and provide the best guidance possible.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you to keep the communication in this community section focused to using the Apps Framework, API, Webhooks or No/Low-Code solutions like Zapier or Integromat. I do appreciate your feedback, but it seems like the new challenges you’ve run into are no longer related to the topics mentioned.

From my end, I can confirm you can not set up group-specific automations. As a workaround, you could use the Status column to act as your “Group”, and use the Status as a condition for your automation recipes.


Hi @dfurt - I’ve sent you a private message regarding additional monday & Zapier assistance, if you need more dedicated help with live Zoom training & consulting.

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