Zoom integration is awesome, just a few suggestions

I love the Zoom integration. It is really cool to save the Zoom meeting as an item. For me it would be even more valuable if:

  • the item is created when the zoom meeting is planned, currently the item is created when the meeting is started
  • if the saved Zoom chat (can be used to make some notes) is saved in the monday.com item in the info boxes. I know the chat can be saved and then manually added to the info boxes, but automation is always better than manual work.

Alternatively and maybe even better is when the integration works also the other way around. For example: creating an item with status = “Zoom meeting”, a date and a person column > creates a Zoom meeting and invites attendees listed in the person column on date and time listed in the date column and with subject the title of the item.

Finally it would be very helpful if we can integrate different Zoom accounts with our monday.com account so that each team member (and board owner) can manage his/her own zoom meetings.

Answering my own question :slight_smile: maybe it can help others.

I found a way to reverse the proces by using Integromat (free version): create a Zoom meeting when a given status column is set to e.g. “Meeting”. It creates the meeting in Zoom based on date/time, name and description of the item, and then updates another field in the item to display the meeting URL.

The split (Router) enables the use of more board owners each with their own Zoom account.


Hey @basdebruin!

Thank you for this great feedback! We actually revised and improved our integration thanks to you!
We’ve added a new recipe that will create an item in your board once the meeting is planned (per your request :slight_smile:)

In regards to the chat-box, currently, Zoom chat-box is not supported by our integration, however, this is definitely on our road map so stay tuned!

In regards to working the other way - this is also a great suggestion and it’s something we’re considering! Again, stay tuned for additional improvements!

Lastly, I want to make sure you know you can connect multiple zoom accounts so each team member can track and manage their own meetings🙌

Thanks again for the great feedback! We really appreciate it!



Hi @shelly-monday.com

Thank you, really appreciate this. What I am looking for is a recipe like:

I managed to build this with Integromat, but it would be helpful for others if there is a native monday.com recipe for this. Off cource :slight_smile: the Zoom meeting needs to get updated when date / time changes.


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Just so others can benefit. The below Integromat scenario will update / create a Zoom meeting when a status column is set to “Meeting”. The start date / time is from a date/time column and the name of the item is the meeting name. The scenario writes the Zoom joining URL back to the item.

The image below shows the item after the scenario is triggered by a webhook. The board uses the webhook integration on column value change.

Have fun :slight_smile:

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