Create items in board - to all ZOOM participants

hello, I managed to create the needed integration between Monday and ZOOM - so now whenever we start a session, an item is automatically created in my board
i also managed to add all participants emails into one column.
so the stage now is that i have a fields in an item with several email addresses of ZOOM session participants
[a@b.c; c@b.c; c@a.b] etc…
how do i make each email address an item??? is there a formula to transpose these values and have each in one row of the same boards?
my final goal is to send survey automatically via Monday to all my ZOOM session actual participants

If you want to insert multiple items you need to do multiple calls to add new items.
I think you would need custom action as most built-in actions work with single value not multiple.

Will I have access to coding it if I find a person who can write the code?

What language would it be if we can access the code?









I can help you with this :slight_smile:
So the things that you need are:

  1. Take list of emails from a single column to list of items.
    |,, |
    transformed into
    | |
    | |
    | |
  2. Send all people on that list above a link to monday form at specified time.
    | Meeting Name | Survey Time | Survey Url |
    | Meeting 1 | 2020-05-10 20:00 | link to monday form or any other survey software |
    At 20:00 (your account timezone) will use your gmail account to send the link to all participants in the list from step 1.
    Does this sound correct?

Hey @Tal, thanks for posting, this is a cool use case and good question!

What would you think of keeping the email addresses in a single item, per Zoom session? If the email addresses were in a text column, and separated by a space, a semi-colon, and a space, then the email integration would work with these email addresses to send out surveys automatically to participants. You could use a status trigger, like “send survey” for example, to send the email to the users in the text column.

The way the text column email addresses would look in practice would be “ ; ;

Let me know if this helps!