Registration workflow for multiple events

Hello! I am hoping to get some advice about setting up a workflow for event registrations. I am a new Monday user, and I have been tinkering with a few setup options, but I haven’t been able to find a good setup yet.

I work for a team that offers regular PD trainings. We offer both in-person and remote trainings. We would like to be able to:

  • Offer the option to sign up for multiple events at once
  • Remove past events from the sign-up form
  • Send a confirmation email that includes an active Zoom link
  • Send a reminder email that includes an active Zoom link

Our main hiccups are that we cannot remove past events from the Monday forms–once an item has been selected on the form, it becomes locked. The other issue is that the email reminders are plain text rather than rich text, so we cannot include active links. We have to include the full URL for clients to copy/paste. In addition to being cumbersome, this practice forces us to break accessibility best practices (i.e., using a full URL rather than a real text link) that we try to model for our clients.

I’d love to know if others have a use case similar to ours and if you have any suggestions for how to set up our Monday workflow.

Thank you!!

Hey Kristen!

Charlotte here from the monday team! :wave:

It sounds like you might benefit from the Dropdown Column as a multiple choice option for choosing multiple events in your form!

When an event has passed, all you need to do is delete the option from the Dropdown Column and refresh the form and it should no longer show up!

For the last two objectives, I’d suggest automation recipes like the following:

  1. “When item is created in this group __, send email to {Email Column}”
  2. “X number of days before event {Date}, send email to {Email Column}”

Then, in the “email” field of the above recipes, you can add the Zoom link via a Link Column. Whenever you update the link column with the new Zoom link, it will be dynamic and send whatever is in that column when the automation recipe is triggered.

The “when item is created in this group” trigger allows you to create automatic emails when a form is submitted because a form submission creates an item in your board. The group specificity helps you only create items when forms are submitted versus when you just create a new item since you can specify a group for all the form submissions to be added to when they come in.

Does this help? Let us know what you think about these ideas!

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