Monday for Event Planning

This Workflow helps us to plan whole events for our customers.
Once a client hire us for the event there’s an automation that creates a new element in this board with the exact name of the event. For example, “Martha & Tony 's Wedding”.

Then we have another columns for the date, the location, the type of event, the main producer and etc.

We also have some columns that tell us some “musts” we have to do for the event as the booking of a DJ, asigning staff, flights or truck tickets, reserving hotels or airbnb, etc .

There are around 20 automations that keeps us aware of this duties. For example. 30 days before the event, if the DJ isn’t booked, Monday notifies us that we must book as soon as possible. Another Automation we have is for our operations area to know when the staff is asigned. They receive a notification telling them the staff for the specific event is ready. They also receive notifications when the music order is done, when the DJ equipment is ready to pick up, etc.

We have also make an integration with dropbox through Zapier. When a new event is created, Zapier makes a new folder in Drop Box and then makes a new documents that is called “Working Order” and puts it in that folder and then writes a link to that document in a column for monday. That way, we have acces through monday to edit things that also are backed up in our business dropbox. Is just so amazing! Is an integration to our non monday workflow for the warehouse and etc.
We are implementing little by little monday in all our business. I want all our business areas (sales, marketing, admin, finance, planning, operations, warehouse, client support) to be in monday one day.

I almost forgot!!
We sometimes use the map view in a cast mode for all our workers to know where we are having events around méxico, is just the happiest thing to see our next trips :slight_smile:


This is amazing @V.B.Music!! :dancer:

I love seeing how you manage every aspect of your event business with this one board. The automations sound like they save you and your team a lot of time and make sure that everything runs on time and smoothly. It’s a really robust use case!

Can I ask if you’re using monday Forms to bring in the jobs - when you say that you have an automation to create a new element in the board is this how they get there?

So excited that you’re looking to grow your account in the future and bring in other teams to - having every aspect of your business in one place is what monday is all about - becoming the place your business lives!!

We’re excited to have you with us and a part of this community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi Julia! :slight_smile:
We are really proud of our Monday!
Actually the way the events get to our “Event Board” is an automation of Monday.

We have another board for leads.
When a lead is won, an internal automation from monday creates the Event for that lead :slight_smile: is really great!

The way the lead gets to our monday is manually right now but we are working in that same thing you asked me. The idea is that in the future, our clients can get to our lead board though a form. :smiley:

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Yes that would be an awesome addition! The form are a great way to bring in leads directly to your monday board and when you use it in connection with the notification upon creation of an item automation, you have something really powerful! We’re here if you need any help to get that set up!!

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@V.B.Music I just want to second’s thoughts - really cool board, and I have to say I do think that the Forms will be a game changer for you!!

Not only could they be used for the current case already discussed, but they could expand to also gather song requests from guests, or things of that nature. Enjoy!

2 Likes We are very happy to read you liked our board ! :slight_smile: Yes! Forms are really amazing for us. Actually we use it to gather information about our clients. We have a board named “Meet & Greet Poll” that uses a form in which our clients tell us more about their music taste and their guests style. We are working now to implement more ways through monday and give our clients the best experience and communication with us. We also use an integration with Mailchip that has more less the same purpose. I really hope Monday Forms evolve to something with more deph. Maybe more tools to brand the forms like text style, the chance to show images, videos, audios…maybe an autoreply function throuh email. I dont know… seems that Monday has a universe for expanding. And as i see it, you guys are doing a really amazing job.

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