Automations with Google Calendar

  • Case: We use to create a daily agenda for all of our team members. We estimate the time they spend on each task, therefore we also estimate the time they spend on meetings.
  • We tried do integrate monday with Google Calendar, but we couldn’t set it to how we needed. The perfect scenario would be for monday to sync every now and then, and pull the events of (for example) that specific week into the board.
  • It would save us an enormous amount of time from creating itens for meetings and allocate them to every team member.
  • We tried the integrations that already exists for Google Calendar, but none of them has that update feature that keeps the events showing up. They only pull events that are created after the integration. Since these are events that happen regularly and all the invites are set for ever, it didn’t work.
  • We also tried to set an automation that creates an item every time period, but we couldn’t find the option to set a flexible one, like we need. For example: some of the meetings happen every first monday of the month, or every third monday of the month. The only way we found to set the automations was to set it “Every specific day (number) of the month” or “Every specific day of the week” and that doesn’t help us.

Up to the final bullet point, I think that using Zapier you could create the workflow you need. Assuming that there’s a trigger (some piece of information changing) on the meeting on Monday or Google Calendar, you can automate updates to the event regardless of when the event was created.

Here are the available triggers in Zapier:

It would take time to set up (since you’d need a Zap for every team member) but I think it’d get the job done.

On the last bullet point, that’s where things get a little tricky. Monday doesn’t do well with “events” or recurring dates without using complex formulas. My recommendation would be to build a formula in General Caster (because formula columns do not produce usable dates in Monday). I’ve done this sort of thing before where an event is set based on another date - the use case was to produce a “next birthday” date column for an automated birthday reminder:

Hopefully this can be a bit helpful for your specific use case. Please feel free to reach out here or at to get into the nitty gritty.