Creating a shareable "form" with fields from my board

I am relatively new to Monday so please excuse me if this has been answered previously!

I have an event business and need to collate the same information for each item on my board. Some of the information comes from the client, some from my vendors. At the minute, I manually enter the information gathered from both sources. I am looking to automate this somewhat by sending a link to both the client and the vendor to populate some of these fields. I want to have a list of all the pre-populated fields and the blank fields for the particular item on the board, so that when they edit the fields, it will update to the board.

Event date, time, location
I might already have the date but need the time and location from the client.

If i use forms, my undertsanding is that it will be standalone for the board, whereas I need one for each individual item/event.

I have been downloading the board to excel, manipulating the columns, sending to the client and pasting the responses into the updated columns. It’s all very manual!

I currently have the free version but am looking at upgrading if there are sufficient benefits.