Ask people alrady listed on a board to complete form to populate fields

When you already have a board with people listed on it, and add a few new fields, can you push a form out to them to ask them to answer info. for new fields, without it causing a new row to be created?

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Hello @rphillipsGEV,
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At the moment, that is not possible to do in monday natively.
What you can do is to have them fill the form and use an app like the Duplicates and Uniques app to merge the incoming data with the existing data automatically.

Here is a demo of how the merge works.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi @rphillipsGEV :wave:

Great question - this is one we get asked a lot. There are a few 3rd party apps/integrations you can utilise to get you past this hurdle and meet your needs.

Duplicates and Uniques - thanks @kolaai Nice one.
Superform - can update existing items - video and page here
Jotform - check it out on the app marketplace and you can use this recipe:

Hope that helps find some options for you - here if you wanted to discuss further :slight_smile:

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