Use web shared form to update existing records in a table

Here’s the case study:
I have a board with employee records (ssn, email address, phone, address, hire date etc.). Periodically, I’d like to share a form with my “view only” employees to update their information (new phone number, change of address etc).

Is there any way in this scenario to update an existing record from a web shared form? Perhaps by referencing an unchanging field such as a SSN?

If not, is there some clever way I could create an “update board” that collects data via a form as described above and then somehow automate updating one board from another?


Hello @gbarker121 ,

You might be interested in the Duplicates and Uniques app which can help you achieve what you want. Here is an answer which demonstrates how. Should you need any help, you can always write to and would be happy to walk you through.

Hi @gbarker121 :wave:

Great question!

You could definitely look at using an app like @kolaai has suggested!

At present, it’s not possible to use a form to update an existing item on the board - every form submission will create a new item.
That said, you could create an updates board as you mentioned.

You can then use the following automation to have the new form submission match with the old form submission on the basis of a certain value (such as SSN).

This would allow you to automatically connect the new form submissions to the existing data so that you can easily reference any new updates.

Could this be an option for you?

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :smiley:



Looking forward to exploring this automation! I think it might do the job.

Hi, Dani.
Can you explain me with little more details, how should I use this automation for surveys updates?
I have 2 boards: master board with detailed information and survey board with survey answers (columns almost the same). I want to create automation, which, according to the status column, will update existing columns or (if it possible) create new items in master board with data from survey board columns. Or it’s not possible to do with Monday automations or integrations and I need to do it manually?
Thanks beforehand for your answer!

Seems that its an unofficial community, 8 days with no answer)))

I think there are many questions, suggestions, and requests for the ability to update records from a (web-based) form. Since monday is a web native application, you might think that this should have been built into the system, but it isn’t.

Work-around solutions are available, as mentioned above, but I know you aren’t alone in needing to have users update a record (pulse) without needing them to be a monday user. Collecting the data into another table and merging the records is a solution, but being able to have them update the record should be an option. (The problem again comes down to safeguards: how do you prevent the employee from entering in “bad” data. I don’t want to see that everyone now lives at 123 Sunset Blvd.)