How do I create a form that is prepopulated with existing information from my board?

I want to collate existing data from my board; send it to a client to validate/edit; and populate the responses back into my board. I’ve tried a few forms but none of them seem to allow for the existing information to pre-populate the form before it’s sent out - a blank form appears.

Background info: I use my board to manage quote requests. I receive the date, location, number of attendees information from the client at the request stage. If they proceed to booking, then I need them to review the date, location and attendees information, in addition to adding other information (start time / billing information etc). I don’t want to send them a blank form because that creates additional work for the client - I want to send them the information they have already provided, plus any blank fields that I need the responses to. It is always the same fields that I require from the client, so a form type solution should work for me.

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Hey Sammy,

I can see the value in this feature however I am afraid at this time it isn’t possible for a form to display pre-populated information - I apologise for the setback here :pray: That said, there is an app available in the apps marketplace called Superform, that allows submitters to update their existing form submissions if this is of interest?

As for your post, I’d be happy to convert this into a feature request so our community members can add their vote and get this on our developers radar? Let me know :pray:


Hi Bianca,

Yes I’ve looked at SuperForm before, but again, you need to manually enter the information.

Yes please convert this to a request, I would have thought it is fairly straightforward what i’m trying to achieve!


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I understand where you’re coming from Sammy and appreciate your feedback :pray:

Are you happy to add your vote to the existing feature request here → Use Forms to edit/update existing items and columns? If you feel it doesn’t match your request, let me know!

Thank you. Stupid question but how do I vote?! I’m signed in but can’t see the option to vote.

Not stupid at all! You just need to click the purple vote button at the top left of the topic - let us know if you run into any issues!


Hi Sammy

It is possible with Superforms to prefill the content - on each field there is a setting to fetch data from a column/board. I have it working for a similar use case on one of my boards.
hope that helps

Hi Elaine,

Thanks for that, I didn’t realise it was possible. I’ve been playing around with it for over an hour but feeling I’m goi g around in circles! Do you know is there a library of tutorials or something? I can’t find anything explaining how to do what I’m trying to do. Specifically, I’ve managed to create the form and create the automation to create a link to the form, but that link is just bringing up the generic form and not a specific one pre populated with the information on that item.


Hello Sammy,

Approval & Feedback app is a solution to your case. It is super easy to use and it allows you to pre-populate fields and edit them if needed.

Here’s the user guide:

Give it a try and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

sorry if i am being redundant i have not read the entire thread. but have you tried Docugen?
i create service calls and need to provide a paper for a technician to take with them.
i enter the same columns on monday every time. you can make your own form template from word. and then you can assign where each column’s information gets entered.
you can then make an integration with it - when i change the status of my service to “create Doc” the information from the monday columns generates into the template i have provided for me to email and print. it is AMAZING.
unsure if this will help you with automatically entering information back. perhaps use a form link for these columns through monday?

Hello Sammy,

I don’t know if you had your answer.
In superform, you need to put this parameter on “Update” and you’ll be able to show prepopulated forms.

The one filling in the form will then update the whole item with what he changed on the form. It’s going very smoothly.
Have a nice day

Thank you Franck, I just figured that out today :slight_smile: It does what I want but comes at a hefty pricetag so i’m still looking to see if I can find any other solution… but it’s looking like the front runner so far…