~10-15 second buffer before a user is notified they have been assigned an item

Hello everyone! Feature request; when a user is assigned an item in Monday implement a ~10-15 second buffer before sending out the notification email, push, etc.

Our team uses Monday for almost all of our projects and tracking purposes. We have hundreds of items being built and assigned out weekly. My team consists of 15+ people and while Monday typically recommends the top 5 or so users when adding the assigned persons column, very often we will click the wrong name, immediately delete their name, and add the correct name.

The problem then arises that the first user who was inadvertently assigned the item gets a notification. When they go check and see their name is not assigned said item, there is slack messages, confusion and chaos (not literally).

Adding a ~10-15 second buffer (or even less because the mistake is mitigated almost instantly by clicking “x” next to their name) would dramatically reduce confusion and give teams the ability to make sure items are assigned to the correct team members.

Happy to clarify any points and open to any feedback/workaround should one exist!