2-Way Integration with Close CRM and update Lead Status via Zapier

Hi people,

I want to create a 2-way integration with Zapier, from Close CRM to Monday and Vice Versa. Same leads are in both, with same email address per lead. The goal for the integration is to update the Lead Status in either Monday or Close.

Close CRM support gave me support how to set this up for Close. But they cannot advise for Monday. I need some support for Monday.

To change status in Monday.com when it changes in Close, my trigger will be “New Lead in Status in Close”. What needs to be the ACTION on Monday? (on Zapier?)

When it starts with the trigger from Monday.com, my action in Close will be to “Find Lead in Close” and then “Update Lead in Close”. What needs to be the TRIGGER on Monday? (on Zapier?)

I hope you can give me some support,